Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tissue Box Cover

Tissue Box Cover

Every couple of days i seem to be buying new boxes of tissues and am sick of looking at those ugly boxes so i decided to make a cover to go over the box to brighten them up, these covers are so easy to make and can be changed when you get sick of looking at them.

 The dimensions of this box vary depending on the size of the tissue box you have, i have used Tesco own brand(springforce tissues), this box is 11cmx9.5cm and 12cm high, so i have added 2cm to each of these measurements so that my cover slides over the top of the box.

my measurements are 11.2cm x9.7cm and i have added a 2cm tab to the edge.

using A4 card cut to 22.9cm x 12cm and score at 11.2cm and 20.9, do this twice

now put some redline tape or strong glue on one of the tabs and join the other one to it, 

 Now glue the other tab to make cover.

For the lid add 4cm to the measurement of your box,

Mine was 11.2x9.7 so my measurement for my lid is 15.2cm x13.7 cm and score 2cm all around. cut little notches from tab to make them neater

At this stage you need to cut out your aperture for your tissues, i have used a circle but you can use any shape you have 

 (Decorate the top of your box before you glue)
you now need to glue your tabs into place and put some tape along the top of your box and glue your lid in place.

I have decorated all the sides of my box, by matting and layering up some pink card and pattern papers

To Decorate the top i mat and layered my papers on before i glue tabs and then add my circle die over them from the back to cut out aperture

You can add any decorations you wish to the box and even do a new on for christmas, easter etc..

i hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun making the box, please feel free to link to your projects as i would love to see them..